Day 37: Chipley, FL to Midway, FL

We rode 71.3 miles today and climbed almost 2,000 feet. The morning was quite chilly despite this being Florida, so we bundled up in our warm riding gear and rode anyway. By the afternoon, the sun came out and warmed it up slightly–though it is still only about 62F. Brr! Right as we started our ride, we met another cyclist heading east. He rode up to us and said, “Hi, Jim!” It turns out, he was one of the people we had tried to recruit as a driver, but instead of driving, opted to ride it himself with his wife driving sag. We leapfrogged with him a bit, but now are at the same rest stop for the night. Our initial connection with him and his wife is actually through his daughter Lindsey, who flies with Africa Inland Mission out of Nairobi and is a graduate of Liberty University, where somehow she and Abi got connected years ago. What a small world!


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