Rest Day #3


After yesterday’s ride, we opted to take another (overdue in Dad’s opinion) rest day, this time while camping at a quaint little rv park called Pecan Valley. We started the day with some delicious french toast (with strawberries and whipped cream!) thanks to our fantastic chef (Josh). In case anyone has been wondering, we are definitely not going hungry on this trip. He’s keeping us well fed with delicious meals–everything from steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus to tacos and quesadillas. Plus, Mom loves seeing him at the end of the ride with that white truck! The history buff of the family (Dad) chose to visit the Alamo in San Antonio, while the rest of us went to Barnes & Noble for some much-needed iced coffee, wifi, and books (Josh and Abi are going through them like wildfire), a bike shop for some replacement tubes (thanks to all the flats!), and WalMart to stock up on groceries.


Day 20: Ozona, TX to Roosevelt, TX

Another 72.4 miles at a staggering average of 19.8 mph put us in Roosevelt, TX. Both Abi and the tandem had another flat thanks to road debris along the side of I-10. Shockingly, as the tandem was being repaired, Mom & Dad ran into a couple who knew friends of ours from Miracle Mountain Ranch (where Nathan & Kelsey & Hannah live/work)–what a small world! For those who are counting, that puts us a 10 flats in total–3 on the tandem, 7 for Abi. Killing it. Also, from appearance on Google Maps, we are about 1/2 way across the country. Mileage-wise, we know that’s not actually true–but we are getting close. Dad estimates that we’ve ridden about 1,243 miles–which puts us only about 250 miles short of halfway. All estimations of course–except for the 1,243 miles we’ve already ridden.

Day 18: Somewhere in TX to Somewhere Else in TX

Essentially, we spent today riding 65.5 miles around Fort Stockton, Texas–whose mascot is the Roadrunner. Once again, we had a tailwind, which was fabulous. We spent much of the day on service and frontage roads alongside I-10, which meant we had the road to ourselves. Pretty nice. We did, however, have to do some “cyclocross” because the frontage roads would abruptly end, leaving us no option but to skedaddle on over to I-10 until it would randomly start up again on the side. We spent the night outside a gas station and Josh and Abi took a short excursion to climb a windmill and a small butte.

Day 17: Van Horn, TX to Somewhere Else in TX

Today we rode from Van Horn, TX to about 30 miles west of Fort Stockton, TX, which was 81.5 miles. We were aided along by a tailwind and finished the ride in just over 4 hours of riding time. Originally, our route had directed us to the south, to Fort Davis, but the route appeared excessively hilly and the state park there was full, leaving us without a place to stay, so we re-directed on a flatter route towards Fort Stockton. Abi had yet another flat tire, this time less than a 1/2 mile from the exit where we were meeting Josh for lunch–so she babied it “home” and changed it at the truck. The roads were very smooth for the most part, and it was an overwhelmingly good day to be riding a bike.

Day 15: El Paso, TX to Esperanza, TX

With yet another day of riding into a headwind, we finished the day with 240 consecutive miles of battling the wind. Its been exhausting. We did, however, finish our 60 miles for the day. It happened to be Dad’s birthday, so we celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a stop for PB&J’s at the trailer (ok, so that was just coincidence), and a wonderful dinner of steak, asparagus, loaded baked potatoes, and red velvet cake. We also, since we were in the vicinity (stretch) of El Paso, watched “Glory Road” before calling it a night.