Day 36: Deerland, FL to Chipley, FL

We started later today thanks to thunderstorms rumbling through the area all morning, but still managed to ride 61.6 miles. We had a slight tailwind most of the day, and enjoyed more of Florida’s bike lane along 90, as well as the tall pine forests on each side of the road. The road was full of long sweeping curves and rolling hills, which made the riding fun. We also managed to stay dry, which is always a bonus!

Early in today’s ride, Abi found a cell phone on the side of the road, and once returning to the rv at the end of the day to attempt charging it, was able to contact the owner and arrange for its return. The gentleman who owned the phone had accidentally left it on the back of his truck while driving and was overjoyed at its return—even offering to donate to a charity as reward for the return of the phone (so I gave him the Neighborlink Fort Wayne website). Cool stuff.


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