Day 35: Pensacola, FL to Deerland, FL

Today we rode 62.4 miles into a persistent headwind. Abi woke up this morning to another flat–and finally changed out her rear tire (her sole Specialized Armadillo tire made it all the way from California…and maybe could have gone further, but it seemed wiser to just swap it out)! In Florida, we’ve found, US 90 has a bike “lane” (really, its a small berm with a bicycle painted on it) which is extremely nice! In places, it is even well marked and calls for traffic turning right to yield to the cyclists–which drivers seem to do! Other than a few bridges around Pensacola, the road was mostly rural and through pine forests. At our rv park for the night (which was hard to find due to lingering spring-breakers!), we enjoyed a “rousing” game of horseshoes before retiring to our trailer for reading and maybe some card games later. Tomorrow, we have a rest and beach day planned, much to Abi’s excitement (saltwater! sunshine! sand!)!


Day 34: Theodore, AL to Pensacola, FL

We made it to Florida! Perhaps the best part of that is that Josh made us a cake for reaching our final state. The worst part is that we still have about 500 miles to ride. But we are getting there! Our 69.3 mile ride took us over a number of bridges as we worked our way around Mobile, Alabama and the many waterways near it. Along with the bridges, we started back into some hills. It had been flat since entering Louisiana, but no more! We started a bit later in the day than we usually do, due to a lingering rain, but still managed to finish riding around 3 p.m.—and we stayed dry after the first few miles of wet roads.

Day 33: Gulfport, MS to Theodore, AL

Just one day after entering Mississippi, we left it for Alabama! Just one state left! Today’s ride was 58.3 miles and full of bridges! We crossed rivers and bays and all kinds of watery places. Despite our best efforts, we still haven’t seen any alligators, though there was a very large and un-smashed snake on the road that required a second passing glance to make sure it was dead.

Day 32: Lacombe, LA to Gulf Port, MS

We made it to another state! After riding another 7-ish miles on the Tammany Trace bike path, we made our way towards the gulf coast, eventually crossing into Mississippi. The total ride was 58.5 miles, and the final 10 miles were all along the beautiful sand beaches of the Mississippi coast. After our ride, we spent the afternoon on the beach, soaking up some rays and trying to even out our bike tans!

Day 31: Walker, LA to Lacombe, LA

On Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day we rode 66.9 miles from Walker, LA to Lacombe, LA. The last part of the ride (about 20 miles) was on a gorgeous rail to trail bike path–the Tammany Trace. We had a partial headwind for most of the ride, which is about the same as every other day recently. After our ride, we spent the night at Fontainbleu State Park, on the edge of Lake Pontchartrain.

Day 30: Krotz Springs, LA to Walker, LA

Today’s ride took us 58.4 miles, just short of our typical 60, but we did get to ride across the Mississippi River, which was cool. We hit some rough roads heading towards Baton Rouge, but as a whole, the roads were still pretty smooth for most of the ride. Probably the most interesting part of the ride was a 4 or 5 mile section closer to Krotz Springs where the entire highway was elevated–like a bridge–over a long section of swamp / bayou. Our stop for the night is a KOA, that just happens to have both a hot tub and putt putt–which we of course took advantage of!

Day 29: Kinder, LA to Krotz Springs, LA

We rode 65.6 miles from Kinder, LA to meet Josh in Krotz Springs, LA–and then decided to ride another 2.5 miles to get over the bridge before stopping for the day. Our ride took us through some gorgeous areas, and a number of places where the road was surrounded by water on all sides. It is certainly a far cry from the deserts of the western part of the U.S. that we rode through just a few weeks ago.