Day 35: Pensacola, FL to Deerland, FL

Today we rode 62.4 miles into a persistent headwind. Abi woke up this morning to another flat–and finally changed out her rear tire (her sole Specialized Armadillo tire made it all the way from California…and maybe could have gone further, but it seemed wiser to just swap it out)! In Florida, we’ve found, US 90 has a bike “lane” (really, its a small berm with a bicycle painted on it) which is extremely nice! In places, it is even well marked and calls for traffic turning right to yield to the cyclists–which drivers seem to do! Other than a few bridges around Pensacola, the road was mostly rural and through pine forests. At our rv park for the night (which was hard to find due to lingering spring-breakers!), we enjoyed a “rousing” game of horseshoes before retiring to our trailer for reading and maybe some card games later. Tomorrow, we have a rest and beach day planned, much to Abi’s excitement (saltwater! sunshine! sand!)!


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