Day 23: Johnson City, TX to Cedar Creek, TX

This morning started out a bit wet and dreary as we rode through cloud cover and a light mist. We continued riding through Texas’ hill country and eventually rode into (and through) downtown Austin. As we rode, the surroundings continued to get greener and to show more evidence of spring time. Wildflowers were popping up along the roadsides, and we rode past a number of ranches with young calves. In downtown Austin, we stopped at Mellow Johnny’s–Lance Armstrong’s bike shop–where Abi got a quick adjustment done on her derailleur and Dad picked up another pair of padded bike shorts. You can’t ever have enough! Then, Mom and Dad stopped for a hamburger (it was delicious!) at Hut’s in Austin. From there, we made our way out of town and passed the Circuit of the Americas formula one track, where you could both see and hear the cars flying around the track. That was cool. We finished up in Cedar Creek, Texas, where we got chocolate milk at the gas station–a 75 mile ride deserves an appropriate recovery drink!


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