Rest Day #3


After yesterday’s ride, we opted to take another (overdue in Dad’s opinion) rest day, this time while camping at a quaint little rv park called Pecan Valley. We started the day with some delicious french toast (with strawberries and whipped cream!) thanks to our fantastic chef (Josh). In case anyone has been wondering, we are definitely not going hungry on this trip. He’s keeping us well fed with delicious meals–everything from steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus to tacos and quesadillas. Plus, Mom loves seeing him at the end of the ride with that white truck! The history buff of the family (Dad) chose to visit the Alamo in San Antonio, while the rest of us went to Barnes & Noble for some much-needed iced coffee, wifi, and books (Josh and Abi are going through them like wildfire), a bike shop for some replacement tubes (thanks to all the flats!), and WalMart to stock up on groceries.


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