Day 20: Ozona, TX to Roosevelt, TX

Another 72.4 miles at a staggering average of 19.8 mph put us in Roosevelt, TX. Both Abi and the tandem had another flat thanks to road debris along the side of I-10. Shockingly, as the tandem was being repaired, Mom & Dad ran into a couple who knew friends of ours from Miracle Mountain Ranch (where Nathan & Kelsey & Hannah live/work)–what a small world! For those who are counting, that puts us a 10 flats in total–3 on the tandem, 7 for Abi. Killing it. Also, from appearance on Google Maps, we are about 1/2 way across the country. Mileage-wise, we know that’s not actually true–but we are getting close. Dad estimates that we’ve ridden about 1,243 miles–which puts us only about 250 miles short of halfway. All estimations of course–except for the 1,243 miles we’ve already ridden.


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