Day 14: Somewhere in NM to El Paso, TX


Today was our third day of headwinds, and with it, more flat tires than we could have ever prepared for. First, Mom and Dad had a flat on the tandem, and then, as we entered El Paso, I (Abi) managed to not-quite bunny-hop a truck bumper that was crossing the entire berm and lane, effectively blowing my front tube completely (and most likely, damaging the rear tube–but I didn’t realize that until later). I changed the front tire and continued descending into El Paso, only to have it go flat less than three miles later from a thorn. While changing my front tire for the second time, I realized that not only was the CO2 cartridge Mom and Dad gave me empty (I only carry one), but that my rear tire was entirely flat as well. I walked my bike over to the Subway where Mom and Dad were eating lunch and called Josh. He took me to two bike shops (the first one surprisingly did not have any 700×28 presta valve tubes), and then I resumed my journey. While Mom and Dad’s route skirted downtown El Paso, my new departure location allowed me to ride right through downtown–and since I love riding in large cities (Paris, London, etc.),  it totally made up for having three flats in less than fifteen minutes! In the end, we all made it approximately 65 miles to the southern side of El Paso, Texas and, at least for right now, have four fully inflated tires!


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