Day Three: Pine Valley, CA to El Centro, CA

On the third day, we continued climbing another 2,480 feet out of Pine Valley, CA and eventually were rewarded with ten miles of descent on I-10 through a gorgeous rock canyon. It was also on the third day that Abi had the first flat of the trip, which also occasioned her first U.S.-based use of a flat kit in five years of cycling. Talk about momentous! As we descended, we were within a stone’s throw of Mexico and able to see the wall along the border. We stopped at a small cafe in Jacumba Springs, where we enjoyed chatting with the owner who was also a cyclist and in awe of the tandem and its internal hub gearing. The end of the ride was far less enjoyable, with twenty-odd miles of the roughest road any of us have ever ridden on. I (Abi) have ridden on mountain bike trails and cyclocross courses that were smoother! But at last, we met Josh, who was waiting for us in El Centro to drive us the rest of the way to Walter’s Camp, where we would spend the next four nights. On the way, we stopped at the lookout for the Glamis National Sand Dunes for a look around and some fun in the sand.


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