Day Four: El Centro, CA to Walter’s Camp, CA

Josh drove us back to El Centro on the fourth morning to start our ride. As we arrived, we were greeted with the roaring engines of the Blue Angels overhead. Josh later ended up sitting with two older men (picture the guys from Secondhand Lions) and watching near the end of the runway. He found out that El Centro is their winter base and they do daily practice there–though we preferred to think of it as a special send off to our ride!

We rode through the gorgeous Imperial Valley, which is full of a variety of crops, including hay, where they supposedly harvest nine cuttings a year! Then, we worked our way up and out of the valley to the sand dunes. At the dunes, we happened to see a random four-wheeler next to us, and then realized it was Josh enjoying a rented OTV for the day! We stopped in Glamis for Dad to get some Hostess cupcakes and to refill water, and then continued to the camp.

About thirteen miles from camp, Abi hit the ditch to avoid a closely passing semi, and was rewarded with some nice road rash. But, thanks to some hardworking guardian angels, she was fine and able to continue the ride (and we even increased our speed for the remaining miles, thanks to the adrenaline boost!). We finished the ride with our second consecutive day of 73 miles!


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