Road Trip to San Diego


In order to get to San Diego, and our planned departure location, we took a road trip from Fort Wayne, Indiana out to California. We started the journey by experiencing unexpected delays and fuel pump issues on the truck before even getting out of Indiana. Eventually, mechanics at the Greasy Wrench in Crown Pointe, Indiana, replaced two fuel filters and got us back on the road.

From there, we drove to Evergreen, Colorado, where we spent the night in a WalMart parking lot before driving up to Vail in the morning. At Vail, we met Will, one of Abi’s co-workers from Summit City Bicycles, who has spent the winter as a ski instructor at Beaver Creek. He hooked us up with 1/2 price lift tickets, and we were off to enjoy the powder for a day!

After spending the day on the slopes, we drove to Grand Junction, Colorado, before calling it a night and parking outside a truck stop to sleep. In the morning, we woke up and continued west. The plan was originally to stop at either Moab or Arches National Park, but due to a “blizzard,” we continued on to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon, where we again spent the night, but this time, at an RV park. In the morning, we explored the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon (if someone tells you its just like the postcard, don’t believe them!) before setting out for Joshua Tree National Park.

We spent a full day at Joshua Tree rock climbing and hiking, and Mom & Dad even did some cycling! The next morning (Monday), we set off for Alpine, California, where we parked the trailer before driving into San Diego to officially start our ride across the country!


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