Of Gifts and Giving

With less than two weeks until our departure date, we are busy packing. There are lists and piles all over the house with everything from chamois butter to snowboards to peanut m&ms. The best part is that, thanks to the generosity of some family (my brother Nathan) and friends (Keith & Pam Privett), we have a truck and travel trailer to take on the trip—meaning, we have lots of space! There won’t be any silly attempts to cram four adults and two months of adventure gear into a Subaru Outback, but instead, plenty of space for all the extemporaneous photography equipment, climbing gear, stand up paddle boards, and snacks we could ever want! Thanks!!

On a similar note, a lot of people have asked whether this trip is a fundraising trip. Technically, no. Technically, the trip is merely the fulfillment of Jim’s lifelong dream to ride across the country on a bicycle. However, we do know of many worthy organizations, so if you feel that our trip is fund-worthy, consider giving to:

  • Nathan & Kelsey Snyder, serving as missionaries at Miracle Mountain Ranch.
  • Hannah Snyder, serving as a missionary at Miracle Mountain Ranch.
  • Heart of the City Fort Wayne, which is a ministry which serves homeless and low income individuals and families in the Fort Wayne area through bicycle repair, after school tutoring, and discipleship ministries.
  • Neighborlink Fort Wayne (Team Neighborlink), which works to meet the needs of neighbors in the Fort Wayne area, whether that be shoveling snow, roof repair, installing a furnace, building wheelchair ramps, or other needs.
  • Young Life, an international ministry working to reach young people with the love of Jesus through relational ministry. This is the organization that I served with in Tanzania, and I love, love, love the work they are doing both in the U.S. and internationally.

If one (or more) of these organizations appeals to you, we would LOVE for our journey to inspire you somehow to give generously in support of their ministry! Thank you!


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